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Last Updated Wednesday, 29 March 2017


In 2016, our world witnessed a unique set of challenges. From Berlin to Brussels, Paris and Nice, there were the terrorist attacks that shook the world. We woke up to images of refugees, especially women and children, plastered across our TV screens to much less international response than was required. 

Despite these challenges, there were some moments that brought joy to our hearts, and restored our belief in the goodness of humanity. We saw German Chancellor Angela Merkel open her country’s borders to refugees. We saw fine democracy in Ghana with a peaceful transition from one administration to another. 

2016 brought some highs for me personally. I continued to work tirelessly as an advocate for justice and security, especially for women and children around the world. I was nominated and now serve as an advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Together with other eminent leaders across the world, I campaign for the adoption of the extensive sustainable agenda of the United Nations to ensure universal peace, progress, and prosperity. 

In addition, several of my children- both biological and adopted, graduated from various universities and colleges with flying colors. My daughters Amber and Pudu graduated from college and high school respectively. Several of my daughters in the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa also completed their studies in various levels and different schools. I couldn’t be more proud to see these young women take charge of their lives and live out their dreams so passionately. 

I have some hopes and dreams for this New Year. I hope that the divisive political rhetoric that we witnessed in 2016 will not be carried over into the new year; I urge us all to support the government in power in our various countries and work together with them to improve the lives of all citizens. 

I share these sentiments with my beloved Liberia in mind. Later this year, Liberians will head to the polls to elect new president and other government officials. I hope that we can put our differences aside and unite as one people to select an effective and ethical leader. I hope that we elect officials who will serve with altruism and passion, place the needs of our motherland above their personal ambitions, and deliver a better life to Liberians. 

Finally, I close this New Year message with thanksgiving to God almighty, whose grace, love, and kindness have brought us thus far. May His name be praised forevermore and may He bring all our dreams and desires to reality in 2017. 

Happy New Year!